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Traditional Garments {Seattle Children’s Photography}

A few weeks ago I got to capture two of the most fun kids! Most of the session was about Baby sister who had recently turned 1, but Big Brother was too adorable and sweet not to capture, too! We started with the kids in their traditional Korean outfits. Their outfits were so beautiful and full of color, yet they did not detract from Baby Sister’s gorgeous brown eyes.

Big Brother didn’t want to be left out. He put on his outfit and was ready for the camera!

Afterwards, they put on their play clothes and it was time for some fun. Big brother showed me his fireman’s hat….

which Baby Sister had to wear too. (I couldn’t decide if I liked this better in black and white or color. Which way do you prefer it?)

There were so many great photographs to chose from, but this last one is one of my favorites!

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Milo’s Valentine’s Day Message

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This year I feel so lucky that I get to spend it with my two favorite boys, Derek and Milo.

But enough from me. Milo has a very special message for you this Valentine’s Day!

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Standing Proudly at 10 Months {Bellevue Infant Photography}

Hello, everyone! I apologize for being MIA lately! I promise, I haven’t forgotten about you. These past few weeks have been crazy. Poor Milo has been teething (which = no sleep) and then he got a cold (which also = no sleep). We are recovering, and he is feeling much better! So, I took these shots back when Milo turned 10 months old. I really wanted to focus on his daily life, his favorite things to do and play with, where he is developmentally. This is such a fun time since he is so mobile and learning so much every day.

Derek and I call him our little jail-bird, as he loves to stand at the baby gate and rattle it – like he’s trying to escape.

He also loves dancing. I found it more difficult than I thought to capture his dancing, but this should give you an idea of how silly our boy is as he bobs his head back and forth!

Milo is becoming such a great reader! He loves his Curious George.

He also started clapping our hands for everything he does. He is rather proud of his accomplishments!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a monthly post without Sheepy!

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A Baby’s 1st Snow {Baby Photography}

I’m going to be honest. I haven’t been a fan of snow since I was a kid. Even then it was in limited amounts. It is cold! But now that I have a son, I’m much more excited for the recent blast of snow we have received. Derek and I took the opportunity to bundle up the baby and take him to see the snow for the very first time. The only snowsuit we have for Milo is  at least 2 sizes too big, so he kind of disappears in it. He really wasn’t sure what to think at first.

He did try to play with the snow, but his mittens were also too big!

He really started to love it when daddy helped him walk through it.

I even got in there and played with him.

He was pooped after a short period of time. Maybe he is just like his mommy – liking warm places much better!

I hope everyone enjoys the white wonderland we have been given right now. Stay safe!


Children’s Museum {Seattle Family Portraits}

Pictures in Seattle during the winter often means getting creative. This family did not want to have coats in all of their pictures, so we decided to have our session at the Children’s Museum in Seattle. It was a week before Christmas so the place was packed, but it made for such a great atmosphere! I think we got great shots of this family. What do you think?

These sisters are so beautiful. I love the youngest’s smile, so big and open. But big sister was so reserved and sweet. You can see a little of their personalities coming through here.

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Lollipops {Seattle Family Portraits}

This next family was so great to work with. Mom came into the session prepared. She knew what she wanted, and even brought a little something extra fun for the end of the shoot – lollipops! We met at the arboretum in Seattle. I love the arboretum because there are so many great places for photos, and kids always love exploring the area!

I love this first shot. Brother and sister were racing. Big brother got to me first, but I love how excited sister is!

Big brother was so handsome. He had such an adorable grin. 

And look at this face. Too cute, she even looks a little mischievous if you ask me!

My favorite part of any session is when the “formals” are out of the way and everyone can let loose, have fun, and show their true selves. This picture of father and son shows them doing just that – letting loose! Dad had been picking his boy up and swinging him around. They just laughed and laughed together.

Then it was finally time for lollipops!


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