Lessons in Photography

There are several people who have taught me so much about photography. Gerald and Airika Pope allowed me to assist them on a few weddings a couple of summers ago. With them, I learned so much about shooting events. Me Ra Koh is a huge inspiration through her blog, her new book, and even when we met for the New Day shoot. Joe Busink’s words of wisdom still pop in my mind whenever I get ready for a photo session. But I also have three seemingly unlikely teachers – my cats.

I love photographing animals. It can, however be quite a challenge. Cats don’t pose for you, you must be patient. I can’t ask Tucker to do something again, or move closer to his brother for the picture. You also have to get creative. The boys often see me with my camera and run, unsure of the black object in my hand. (I know a few toddlers who react the same way!) It is then that I must find a new way to make them comfortable with my presence. But it is through the struggle to get the perfect picture that I find the most reward. It is because of the images that show the true character of my subjects that I love picking up a camera and capturing the world.

My boys have also taught me that it is okay to take a cat nap, and that you should always cuddle up with the ones you love!

  1. #1 by Melissa on May 6, 2011 - 12:30 am

    awwwww, they’re so cute! that first shot is amazing! way to capture it!

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