Settings with a Purpose – A SOAR Photography Challenge

If you’re not reading Me Ra Koh’s blog, you are missing out. If you’re a parent, you can find invaluable tips for photographing your children. If you’re a woman, you will find stories of other amazing women. Me Ra offers me not only inspiration for photography, but for life. It was through her blog that I learned about the SOAR program. Each year 3 women receive a scholarship to help them on their photography journeys. As a part of the program, there are “challenges” posted each month. Me Ra encourages everyone to participate on  the SOAR by posting challenge images and commenting on those of others. This month I took on the challenge of Settings with a purpose.

I found this challenge to be, well, challenging. I love taking pictures of people, getting close, capturing their expression, the details, or the connection between a family. However, I realize how setting is important to capture as well. Seeing where things were taking place, what was important helps illustrate the story of the lives of the subject along with the detail shots. I chose to focus on the settings that are a part of Milo’s life.

Each morning as I get ready for the day, Milo sits in his bouncer outside of the bathroom. It is here that I can look over and watch my boy as he smiles and coos at the world around him. It is a part of my day that I love, and that I want to remember, not just his expressions, but how small he looked in his bouncer in the long hallway of our home.

The other setting I chose to capture was that of Derek rocking him to sleep. This is another part of the day that I love. I can sneak into the nursery and there are my two favorite people, sharing special moment. It is “daddy-baby time.”  The love that I see between the two of them pulls at my heart. 

Thanks, Me Ra for the challenge! It was a great opportunity for me to spread my wings!

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