Four Years


August 9, 2007. I married my high school sweat heart, and more importantly, my best friend. Looking back, I cannot believe how much we have grown, as both individuals and as a couple. I would not have pursued photography without your urging and support. Every click of the shutter brings me joy, thank you for being the push I needed.

While I always counted myself lucky to have you in my life, I did not realize how lucky I was until we embarked on the journey of parenthood together! When I first held Milo in my arms I could feel my heart swell with love and joy. It is magical to look at him and see what our love created. Yet, that first month of our boy’s life was the more amazing and more difficult than I could have imagined. Feedings around the clock, sleep in two hour blocks, a minor car accident (I’ve learned to listen and not drive while on pain meds) – all things that I survived because I had you by my side.

I love this picture of us. It captures the right now – together in the present while looking in the same direction, towards our future as a family.

Happy Anniversary. I love you.

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