Tunde’s 60th birthday {Renton Family Photographer}

The holiday season is upon us, which means it is time to update those family portraits for the holiday card! Yesterday I had the opportunity of photographing a wonderful family in Renton. All of the kids and grandkids were in town to help Tunde celebrate her 60th Birthday! Tia thought it was a perfect time to get their portraits done since she could not remember the last time the entire group was in a picture together.

This family was a breeze to work with. They were all so organized and ready for their “close-up.” Tunde was so regal in front of the camera.

Look at this beautiful family. That has to be one proud mother!

The grandkids were so adorable. I loved the girls’ matching dresses! And the young man was running around with a camera in his hand. Could be a future photographer in the family!

Happy Birthday, Tunde! I hope you enjoy your time in Seattle. I had a wonderful time capturing your family.

This session makes me think, when was the last time I gathered my entire family for a photo session? SInce I can’t remember, it may be about time! When was the last time YOU had your family’s portraits taken?


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