6 Kids + Rain {A Bothell Photo Session}

This family would have to be the coolest family I’d ever met. They are a family of 6 kids and 2 really fun parents (just wait for the last image to see what I mean)! We headed to Bothell Landing Park for their photo session. I believe the rain held out just long enough for us to begin our shoot! Despite the rain, we got some beautiful shots. They really knew how to work the camera, this is the 4th picture I took all day, and it is perfect (even baby boy is looking!)

It was hard to narrow down my favorites, but I will show you one of each kid, starting with the boys. The oldest was so amazing. He was so helpful with his baby brother and so handsome!

This guy is so smart! He was telling me about the rain and he said that the weatherman was wrong. It was not 50 degrees out, “more like 46!” He also had fun ideas for his shots!

This little guy was such a character. Looking through the images, he has some great facial expressions.

Baby brother was so happy and cute! And, he didn’t complain about the rain once.

We can’t forget about the girls. They were so beautiful and poised. I’m sure they make their mama proud!

Here is my favorite shot of the day! The kids have no idea what is going on behind them, but 6 kids and mom and dad still love each other like crazy!

Thanks for braving the rain with me! Your family was wonderful to photograph!

Friends and family, to view the gallery, please click here.

  1. #1 by Lyndsey on November 26, 2011 - 3:03 am

    I LOVE this last picture!

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