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Children’s Museum {Seattle Family Portraits}

Pictures in Seattle during the winter often means getting creative. This family did not want to have coats in all of their pictures, so we decided to have our session at the Children’s Museum in Seattle. It was a week before Christmas so the place was packed, but it made for such a great atmosphere! I think we got great shots of this family. What do you think?

These sisters are so beautiful. I love the youngest’s smile, so big and open. But big sister was so reserved and sweet. You can see a little of their personalities coming through here.


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Lollipops {Seattle Family Portraits}

This next family was so great to work with. Mom came into the session prepared. She knew what she wanted, and even brought a little something extra fun for the end of the shoot – lollipops! We met at the arboretum in Seattle. I love the arboretum because there are so many great places for photos, and kids always love exploring the area!

I love this first shot. Brother and sister were racing. Big brother got to me first, but I love how excited sister is!

Big brother was so handsome. He had such an adorable grin. 

And look at this face. Too cute, she even looks a little mischievous if you ask me!

My favorite part of any session is when the “formals” are out of the way and everyone can let loose, have fun, and show their true selves. This picture of father and son shows them doing just that – letting loose! Dad had been picking his boy up and swinging him around. They just laughed and laughed together.

Then it was finally time for lollipops!


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Into the Fog {Issaquah Family Portraits}

We were rather fortunate to have some beautiful weather in December. However, with the sunshine comes morning fog! I think it added such a great element to this family’s portrait session. We started outside and went for as long as the kids could tolerate the cold. I love this shot of mom and dad with Baby Sis. She’s at that stage where she loves standing proud, even if it means a little support from mom.

Big Brother was all smiles, but he wanted to have his bike in the shot. I have learned to go with a child’s suggestion, they are often right! I think he was spot on with this one. He shows how he’s independent right now, but the rest of the family is nearby cheering him on!

We also had a fun time on the swings. She is one happy baby.

And of course, another shot of a mom and her baby girl.I think they will both cherish this shot for years to come.

It was such a pleasure getting to know your family. I adore both of your children. I am excited to watch them grow up!

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Making Stone Soup {Kirkland Family Portraits}

This family was one of the most interesting families I captured this holiday season! We met at the Kirkland Marina, where we had all kinds of adventures. The kids were quite the characters, with great imaginations and beautiful smiles. Their dad, however, did admit that he thought having his picture taken was literally painful. You can’t tell by this beautiful image of the family, though!

I love pictures of a mom and her kids. I think this little boy agreed with dad, it can be rough getting your picture taken! I think this picture tells such a great story, with big sister smiling beautifully, while younger brother makes funny faces making mom laugh!

We did get more serious shots of younger brother….

and fun shots of big sister!

These last two are a few of my favorite moments from the day. This was a quiet one towards the end of the shoot.

But then the kids found this rock that looked like a bowl, where they took to the task of making soup! It reminded me of the story “Stone Soup” from when I was a kid. My husband had no idea what I was talking about, but I looked it up and sure enough, it is an old folk story!

Thank you for braving the cold and spending the morning with me! Your children are so beautiful and full of spirit. I had a wonderful time capturing them. I hope it wasn’t too painful for dad!

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A Holiday Affair {Seattle Family Portraits}

Another one of my favorite families (Milo’s too!) is featured in today’s post! When they asked me to capture not only their immediate family but the extended family for her mom’s birthday I was so excited. It was so much fun getting to know her family and put faces with names. For this post, I’m going to focus on Baby B, because she was so adorable in her red Christmas dress. 

I just love this picture in front of the tree. The colorful lights from the tree provide a great backdrop, while you can’t get enough of her face! I love that mischievous look!

Mom and Dad wanted to capture her with her fingers in her mouth since that is a big detail in her life right now. I guess it is a trademark that her auntie used to do when she was Baby B’s age!

I had to include this last photo of Baby B’s aunt and uncle and their babies! I love how one is interacting with daddy!

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Extended Family – Take II {Bellevue Family Portraits}

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to this family. Well, they decided to do a second session, this time when dad’s family was in town. It was a great little get together! We started with the entire group, and what a great shot we got!

Here we have the proud auntie and the most adorable little pumpkin!

And then we did some of her with mom and dad. You know I love a kissing shot! (And from the picture, I think this little girl does too!)

Big sister was so funny! She was also a little curious about who was looking down at her with a big camera.

Once the little ones were done with pictures, we took time to get a shot of mom and dad.

Thank you for entrusting all of your family photos to me this holiday season! I had a great time getting to know you and your beautiful girls.

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Calm, Cool, & Collected {Snoqualmie Family Portraits}

Three words to describe my next family would be calm, cool, and collected. It was such a change of pace from photographing families with young children. I love capturing kids, but these boys were real pros. I love this first family photo. They are so close together, yet relaxed. Even their dog is looking at the camera!

We toured around downtown Snoqualmie for their session. We got great shots of the entire family together.

We even ventured by the trains for a fun shot of mom with her boys.

And what did I tell you? These brothers are so calm, cool, and collected. I just love it!

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